Things To Do

Things to Do around Sanibel Island:

If you’re hosting your southwest Florida destination wedding on Sanibel or Captiva Island, you want to ensure your guests thoroughly enjoy themselves.  As we found out when planning our own wedding, many of your guests may decide to turn your destination wedding into a mini-vacation.  To help them make the most of their time in paradise, we created a wedding webpage (and an insert to their gift baskets) that highlighted some of our favorite activities.  After all, there are a number of restaurants and activities on Sanibel and Captiva islands to keep even the most active of families and guests busy for a LONG time!

Here are some of our favorite spots:



Note:  You can find quite a bit of information by stopping at the Sanibel Chamber of Commerce/Visitor Center ( on your way in to the island.


Other Useful Spots:


What did we miss?  Do you have any favorite family activities that you enjoy when you visit the islands?  Leave us a comment and let potential destination wedding brides and grooms know what else their guests need to see!

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