Wedding Ceremony Time Line Document

Our Wedding PartyAs you begin planning your southwest Florida destination wedding, it is important you keep in mind your ceremony and reception timeline.  Many of your vendors and locations will be hired/rented by the hour.  By making a timeline, you can ensure that you’re reserving the right amount of time for each of your vendors and locations.  In our case, we also used the time line document on the day of our wedding to help all our vendors coordinate with each other.

What to include in  your destination wedding time line:

Some information you should include in your wedding destination time line that will be valuable:

  • Phoenetic spelling of all names in the wedding party
  • List of all vendors with phone numbers – this can help with coordination by your site representative and/or wedding planner
  • Ordering of all folks in the processional
  • Order of all “parts” of the ceremony
  • Order of entry in the reception
  • Order of all “parts” of the reception
  • All songs of importance noted at their appropriate places in the ceremony and reception

Need an example?

Fortunately, we saved a copy of our own destination wedding time line.  You’ll find attached to this post our Wedding Ceremony Rev Final – Copy.  Please feel free to use it as an example to help you create your own destination wedding time line.  Please feel free to leave us a comment about changes you’ve made to your own time line that other brides may find helpful!

Destination Wedding Store

Destination Wedding accessory shopping got you stressed?

Let’s face it, planning a wedding can be stressful.  There’s so many people, places, and things to research, buy, and track!  When Kelly and I were planning our southwest Florida (Sanibel Island) destination wedding, we found it hard to find accessories and decorations that fit with our location and theme.  If you’re planning a beach wedding or destination wedding as well, you are probably running into the same issue!  Fortunately for you, Kelly and I have done a lot of the work for you!!

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Beach Destination Wedding Card Box Ideas

Lobster Trab Card Box
The “Lobster Trap” Card Box at
our destination wedding!!

One of the problems Kelly and I struggled with when planning our own wedding was the Card Box.  To be honest, I had totally forgotten that we needed to plan one of these for our southwest Florida destination wedding!  I set to research what others had done, and didn’t come up with too many hits for “beach wedding” card box ideas.  I was shocked – with all the destination wedding-related stuff out there, I thought for sure this would be a slam dunk!  Nope!

In a more traditional wedding, it seemed like most folks created their own card box using hat boxes and/or boxes of various sizes covered with paint or paper to match their colors.  But let’s face it, beach weddings are more fun than that!  It seemed there *had* to be something less stuffy and square.  Many folks I asked suggested using a bird cage, but even this seemed too formal.  I set my mind to the task and here’s what I came up with…

Handcrafted Destination Wedding Card Boxes:

As I searched on the Internet, I managed to find the following handcrafted card boxes for sale and ready-to-go.  While we still did some customizing to our own purchased card box, it really wasn’t necessary (to each their own, right?).  However, don’t be afraid to turn a pre-made box into something uniquely yours.
  • Shell-Covered “Lobster Trap” – I was surfing the Internet and stumbled onto these lobster traps (undecorated and decorated).  Basically, you can add as much decorative flourish as you need, and choose shells/etc that coordinate with your wedding theme colors in order to have a cute, highly original, and “beachy” card box.  This is actually the type of box we chose to go with (shown above)!
  • Treasure Chest – I found a birch treasure chest on Etsy that seemed rather weathered and beachy.  A few shells or starfish and you’d have a card box that adds a little bit of quirky, pirate flair to your reception.  This could also be toned down to be more basic, with a simple seahorse or starfish attached to the top or side.  The possibilities are endless here, and kudos if you can find a box made of authentic driftwood!
  • Sand Castle – Turn that plain-old, boring square box into a card box sand castle.  This may require some creativity, but you can definitely come up with a winner in no time.  Just hunt Google for some ideas on sand castles until you find one you like!
  • Weathered Lantern – If you can find a weathered, old lantern at an antiques shop, you can turn this into your card box.  Just make sure one panel of the light opens and/or there is room to cut a card slot in the metal at the top of the lantern.  You can also make this one coordinate with your colors by affixing some shells, starfish, or seahorse shapes tastefully on the outside.  If you’re having trouble, you can find weathered lantern card boxes pre-made (although they’re generally pricey)!

DIY Card Box Ideas:

If you’re the crafty type (neither Kelly or I are too handy in the craft department), you may want to ponder on the following ideas for a DIY, unique card box:
  • Sea Turtle – Who doesn’t love sea turtles?  Use the main shell as the storage area.
  • Light House – Kudos if you can make the light work!
  • Sand Dollar – A round box topped with a “Sand Dollar”… get it?
  • Palm Trees – Talented with metal working?   What about making a “palm tree” where you could attach cards to the palm fronds?  Thinking something along the lines of those picture holders with the spirals on the end.  A “beach themed giving tree” if you will.
Can you think of beach-themed card box ideas that I’ve missed?  Did you have a unique card box at your destination wedding that you’d like to share with future destination brides?  Leave some comments below!

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