Beach Wedding Ideas

Looking for some ideas as to wedding color schemes, dresses, etc?  You can easily get lost in the vast number of resources available.  Here are the sources of wedding-related ideas that we relied on the most.  They helped us out quite a bit and I’m sure you’ll find them just as invaluable!

Bridal Magazines:

Arguably the most invaluable source of ideas for your wedding is the various bridal magazines you can find online and/or in the magazine section of your local grocery and book stores.  Everytime we saw something we liked, we clipped it and kept it in an expanding file organizer for reference later.
Wedding Books:

Perhaps you don’t have easy access to the Internet or want your wedding plan with you at all times.  There are some books which can help you keep organized without constant use of the Internet!
Wedding Websites:
I had to throw these on the ideas page, as you can definitely find fun new ideas for your wedding by browsing the thousands of articles available online.
  • The Knot
  • Wedding Wire
  • Brenda’s Wedding Blog
  • Trip Advisor
    • While this isn’t exactly a “wedding” website, as you evaluate potential venues and/or accommodations for your guest, the reviews on this website can be invaluable to making sure everyone will enjoy their stay.

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