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Are you in the process of planning a southwest Florida destination wedding? Are you considering a Sanibel Island or Captiva Island destination wedding? If you’re like us, you are probably struggling to find resources about how to plan a destination wedding to Sanibel or Captiva. My Sanibel Wedding isn’t just about our experience – it’s a source of all our tips/tricks/experiences that will hopefully help you with YOUR Sanibel or Captiva Wedding!

So who are we?

469About the bride

Kelly is a capital markets business analyst (aka Finance and Stats nerd) that loves country music and the Biggest Loser. She loves fruit-flavored candy and secretly wishes it would rain Skittles on a daily basis (taste the rainbow)! The thought of planning a wedding makes her cringe, but the thought of marrying the love of her life brings a smile to her face every time. You can bet one thing for sure – every aspect of this wedding was tracked in an Excel Spreadsheet…. ‘cuz that’s how she rolls.

About the groom

Rob is a goofball computer nerd that is secretly a romantic at heart. He prefers cakes and cookies to pie (which Kelly would say is “unamerican”), and would probably show up to his wedding in Jeans and a Hoodie if Kelly would let him (which she won’t – he already asked). He’s addicted to his Android phone, iPad, and his computer (as if you couldn’t tell by this website?!), but he’s moreso addicted to the love of his life – Kelly.

How we met

You may be surprised to know that Rob and Kelly initially hated each other by reputation!
It was the weekend of New Years Eve 2007/2008 that they both took a trip to Chicago for the annual Schmidty NYE party. Steve (aka Schmidty) had arranged a pre-NYE party at a local bar, and the two got to talking about pretty much everything. They stayed up until 6AM that next morning talking about everything that randomly came to mind. Two days later was our first kiss, and by the end of New Years day, they knew there was something special developing.
Rob made arrangements to have Kelly over for dinner when they first got back to Cleveland. Kelly also had Rob over for dinner to meet her two dogs (Tucker & Gavin – which both instantly loved Rob). The relationship continued to develop and their feelings remained strong. Within a few days they were officially a couple!
Rob always says it’s funny how things work out, since he had to go to Chicago to meet a girl that lived in the same city and worked at the same place.

How we got engaged

It had been a little over a year, and the relationship was going strong. Kelly and Rob had already started talking about the long-term potential of their relationship. Kelly and Rob discussed their timeframe for a potential engagement, and both agreed that anytime between now and June 2009 would be fun (although Rob showed preference for June to allow time for “planning”). Little did Kelly know that this was Rob’s secret ploy to disguise the plan he was ready to execute!
Starting in February, Rob asked Kelly to start checking out rings so that he “could learn what she liked ahead of time so that she wouldn’t know when to expect the proposal in July.”

Side Note: For any of you that know Rob and his obsession for pre-purchase research, you would probably be amused to know that he borrowed a “How to Buy a Diamond” book from the library and was well-versed on his 4C’s prior to these trips.

On one particular trip in early March, Rob decided to take Kelly into the local Jared where they built her “perfect” engagement ring. She really hoped he would buy it, but he walked her out of the store (somewhat bummed) and back home, adding that June was far away and he still wanted her to see other options. Little did she know that he left work early the next day, and stopped by Jared to make the purchase (adding a slight modification to the design so that it had his own special touch). He also scheduled time to meet with Kelly’s parents to ask their blessing. Rob was nervous, but he thinks Dr. & Mrs. Snow knew what he was up to. With the blessing given, he set to work planning the details of the proposal and set the date – April 18th, 2009.

Side Note: Rob actually took Kelly back to the same Jared and had them report that her “perfect” ring had been sold. She initially was suspicious, but Rob convincingly played it off that he “never would have thought of something so tricky.” Little did she know the surprise that awaited…

Parents of the Couple

Parents of the Bride & Groom to Be

As Kelly was having a stressful time at work, Rob planned the actual proposal under the cover of a “stress-relief weekend.” While Kelly was told that the day was for stress relief, Rob had secretly planned to have friends and family meet them to celebrate their engagement. Here is how it went down:

What Rob told Kelly:

  • Massages in the Morning (for stress relief)
  • Picnic and Walk around Hinckley Lake with the Puppies
  • Dinner and a Movie

What Actually Happened:

  • Massages in the Morning (Gotta get in the proper mindset to pop the question)
  • Picnic, Pop the Question, and Walk around Hinckley Lake (which took way longer than expected)
  • Surprise Engagement party for Kelly and Rob with family and friends

All-in-all, Kelly had no idea the engagement was coming, which made it a day full of surprises and fun!

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