Questions to Ask a Wedding Limo Service

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One of the brilliant aspects of a destination wedding is that the ceremony and reception can be booked in a “self-contained” location.  This is particularly true if you’re taking advantage of a resort wedding package.  As an example, our preference was to hold both the wedding ceremony and reception at Sundial Beach and Golf Resort.

If your ceremony and reception locations are different, you may want to consider a wedding limo service for a few reasons:

  1. A limo provides ample room for your large, princess wedding dress (moreso than the Kia Rio or Chevy Cavalier you rented at your destination airport).
  2. A limo provides ample room for the bridesmaids dresses, ensuring they don’t get wrinkled on the way to the ceremony.
  3. You can ensure your entire wedding party arrives safely at your ceremony location, and don’t need to worry about folks getting lost or being late.
  4. You can ensure your wedding party can celebrate with their favorite libations pre-reception with no risk of drinking and driving.
  5. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of driving off from your ceremony in a limo with the cans and “Just married” sign on the back.

If you decide to look into a wedding limo service, there are a number of questions you should ask each company.  This will ensure you find a reputable service provider with reliable cars.  You’ll also be able to adequately comparison shop the prices and services provided by different wedding limo service providers.

General Administrative/Contract Questions:
If you don’t ask these ahead of time and/or get it in writing, you may not get exactly the wedding limo service you’ve imagined in your head!

  • Are you properly insured?  What does your insurance cover?
  • Do you have any industry affiliations?
  • Do you have any special wedding packages?
    • How much are they?
    • How many hours are included?
    • What amenities are included with the package (red carpet, champagne,etc)?
    • How much to add additional hours?
  • What is the price per hour and minimum number of hours?
  • Do you offer sedan/van transport to/from the airport for our guests?
  • What will the chauffeur be wearing?
  • Is the driver’s gratuity included in the quoted price?
  • Are there any additional charges (tax, tolls, fuel, parking, etc)?
  • How far in advance do you recommend booking the service?
  • Do I pay be check or credit card?
  • What is the required deposit amount?
  • What is the cancellation policy?  Is there a fee charged to cancel?
  • Do you offer a signed contract, stipulating the following:
    • Date, Time, and all Locations
    • Prices (including the “overtime” charge)
    • Year, Make, Model, and Color of each vehicle you will be using
    • Payment, Deposit, and Cancellation policy
Learn About the Vehicles:

What can we say?  Make sure you’re not arriving to your perfect destination wedding in a beat-up jalopy!

  • What types of limousines do you have?
  • How many people comfortably fit in each vehicle?
  • Do the vehicles have heating and air conditioning?
  • What colors are available for each vehicle (interior & exterior)?
  • How many limos do you have, and what is your policy if one is not working correctly (break downs, mechanical failures, flat-tires, etc)?
  • Can we have alcohol and/or food in the vehicles?
    • Is there a security deposit and/or cleaning fee?
  • Does the vehicle have a CD player and/or iPod connection for entertainment/music?
  • Are there photographs of the vehicles available online?
Final Thoughts:
If you’re lucky enough to plan your destination wedding ceremony and reception at the same location, you’ll never need to worry about transportation.  However, if your dream destination wedding involves multiple locations, a limo service will ensure your bridal party arrives safely, on time, and in style!  Have any of you brides and grooms out on the Internet done research on wedding limo services?  What were your experiences?  Are there any questions you wish you would have asked ahead of time?

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