Destination Wedding Cake Ideas

I’ve been scouring the Internet looking for ideas for our beach wedding cake.  I’ve managed to stumble on a few beach theme wedding cakes which seemed worthwhile.  They’re all a little different, but they capture much of the what I consider the “beach” factor you’d expect at a Florida beach wedding.  Check them out!

NOTE:  If you happen to be a bakery and would like your beach theme wedding cakes displayed here, feel free to contact me!  I’d be more than happy to add your artwork (with appropriate reference) to the display below!

The Images:

Just in case the links eventually break, I’ve included most of the images for the beach theme wedding cakes I’ve referenced!   Hopefully this will give you plenty of inspiration!

NOTE:  The images of these cakes are copyright to their original owners, as linked below. If you enjoy these fabulous pieces of edible artwork, do drop by the links below and leave a comment with the original poster!

Sandcastle Beach Wedding Cake Coral Shells and Castle Beach Themed Wedding Cakes Seahorses and Coral Blue Beach Themed Wedding Cakes Shells and Coral Tan Tropical Themed Wedding Cakes Orange Ribbon Tropical Themed Wedding Cakes with Shells and Starfish Shells and Sand Beach Wedding Cake Guava and Blue Tropical Wedding Cakes with Shells and Starfish Shells and Starfish on Beach Theme Wedding Cake Beach Wedding Cake with Various Shells and Starfish Tropical Wedding Cakes with Shells and Tropical Flower Adirondack Chairs and Shells on Tropical Wedding Cakes Blue and Green Beach Wedding Cake with Seahorses, Coral, and Shells White Chocolate and Strawberries Beach Theme Wedding Cakes with Starfish and Shells Blue and Green Beach Wedding Cake with Sea Turtles and Waves Blue Beach Theme Wedding Cakes with Coral and Starfish Tropical Wedding Cakes with Flowers and Palm Trees Beach Themed Wedding Cakes with Braids, Shells, and Coral SandCastle Beach Wedding Cake with Shells and Starfish Fairytale Sandcastle Beach Wedding Cake The Ultimate Sandcastle Beach Wedding Cake with Shell and Starfish Decorations Green Tropical Wedding Cakes with Sea Turtles

The Links to the Cakes:

Have you found any fun beach themed wedding cakes that I didn’t show here?  Let us know what you’ve found and include a link below in the comments so that we all can check it out!

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